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Artistic Wedding Pictures can be created using the advanced photo restoration techniques needed to repair old photographs.

Wedding Photos Transformed to Symbolise and Enhance Your Wedding Day

Newcastle Wedding to Lakeland Scene

This Special Wedding Image was created using a 1980's Wedding Snapshot taken in the car park of Newcastle Civic Centre after the Wedding Ceremony.

The Sepia-Toned background to this wedding photo was taken from Derwent Lakeside overlooking Cat Bells - A favourite place of the bride in the photo.

It's always worth finding the ideal location to shoot in depending on where the couple would like the photographs taken, whether she's on the lawn with her new husband, or he's stood by a window full of flowers and sunlight, as it holds an additional meaning for those involved.

Professional Quality Wedding Photos from Informal Family Snaphsots

Family snapshots of your wedding left languising in a drawer?

Transform Your Wedding Day

Your informal wedding photos can be compiled, combined and re-invented to transform your wedding day memories in a way that a single wedding photographer focusing on the main wedding party and formal wedding photos would find near impossible.

Original 1980's Wedding Photograph - Snapshot

The photo of the bride was captured in a personal informal snapshot but never used because of the distracting background that spoils the shot.

Wedding Bride Snapshot Newcastle Civic Centre 1980's

Annoying Background Distracts from Bride

The first stage in photo correction is to replace the car and and remove the highlight from the wooden car trim that's just above the bridal bouquet.

Adjusted Wedding Photograph - Snapshot

The car is replaced by extending the grass verge seen in the original photograph. The highlight has gone and the composition altered slightly by cropping the photo to show mainly the bride and bouquet and remove the front passenger car seat at the right of the photo.

Wedding Bride Snapshot Newcastle Civic Centre 1980's

The Bride becomes the Centre of Attention

The first stage in photo correction is completed to emphasise the bride and bridal bouquet.

The next stage is more whimsical and focusses on creating an "ideal" aesthetically pleasing wedding picture to be framed and displayed.

Choosing a Special Background for the Wedding Photo

we looked through a series of photos taken on the wedding day but decided to move away from authentic backgrounds and focus attention on places of symbolic or meaningful significance for the bride.

An Ideal Wedding Portrait Location

Symbolic Imagery can Make a Photo Special

The picture chosen for the background was taken in the Lake District and overlooks Cat Bells on Lake Derwent.

The Brides Photo Transformation

The original distracting background was replaced with the Lakeland View and to help complete the transformation the Lakeland Scene was converted to a monochrome black and white image then Sepia Toned to create the final transformation.

An Ideal Wedding Portrait Location

A Happy Bride in a Happy Place

The marriage of foreground bride and background locations creates a happy marriage in a unique photograph that transforms an ordinary snapshot into a special picture that can be carried in a wallet, stand on a bedside table in a small delicate frame or create a focal point within the daily living space.

Aesthetic Wedding Portraits can be created from Problem Snap-Shots

Happy Bride - North East England

Colour and Sepia Tone

A lot of Unique Personal Photos will never be displayed because of imperfections that spoil the composition. How many photos do you have where comments like this apply:-

If you're happy with the picture subject and will never have another chance to take your wedding pictures again then we can transform your photos into Great Pictures.

Re-Planning your Wedding

Create a fantastic retrospective wedding album or unique photojournalistic style wedding scrapbook using the wedding snapshots donated by family and friends to bring out the character and unique sentiment of your very personal moment.

Call a Photo Transformation Expert Now on 0191 2684473

Re-create your wedding day using the photos you were too embarrased to show and make a wedding album to be proud of.

Preparing for your Wedding - Use Guests as Family Photographers

If your Planning your Wedding then let's see how we can capture every moment of this unique event by having your guests participate as Family Photographer's.

Family can become your own personal Photo-journalists chronicling the moments that are impossible for a professional photographer working alone to collect on this Special Family Occasion and Create a Wedding Album that truly captures every aspect of your Wedding Day; not just the formalities.

Mobile Phone - Wedding Photo-Journalism

Guests can even use the cameras built into their mobile phones to help capture the candid moments. After editing, colour correction and optimising their images mobile phone photos can make a great addition to your photo album.

To make sure the phones don't go flat it's possible to buy Mobile Power Packs that plug into most modern phones. The better phones can even record reasonable quality video very discretely during the service.

Try an alternative approach to planning your wedding photos

Contact Shoebox Classics 0191 2684473 and book a Wedding Photo Consultation

Anything is possible when everyone can help and your photos don't have to be left in a shoebox unused and forgotten.

Wedding Bouquet Photos

Wedding Bouquet Gold/Brown Wedding Bouquet Cream/White Wedding Bouquet and Buttonhole Pastel Lilac Wedding Bouquet Close Up - Cream and Pink Roses

Expert Flower Photo Service - Preserving Your Wedding Flowers

Restoring Old Photographs

Expert Restoration of Photos

Pictures expertly restored. Intertwining an eye for detail with Restoration Science to bring sympathetic digital re-mastering. to family and important historical photographs.
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