Mobile Phone Photographic Services

Digital Mobile Photos can be used to create professional quality pictures for your album, wallet or wall.

Mobile Phone Photography and Printing

Mobile Phone Camera Photo - Colour Corrected, Re-formatted and Printed

Mobile phone cameras are brilliant at capturing those day to day moments that pass so quickly like your child growing up so quickly. Digital Photos from mobile phones don't have to stay on the memory card and can be treated just as any other photograph.

Mobile Image to Professional Photo Quality Print

If the original mobile photo has a great subject then think of it as an ideal candidate for correction to make a simple snap-shot into a professional quality image you'll be proud to print and display on your wall, never to be lost when your phone goes missing or memory card corrupts the digital photo file.

Mobile Phone Snapshot

Mobile snapshot capturing a great candid moment. Unfortunately part of the head is missing and the background is rather distracting

Mobile Phone Camera Snapshot needing expert retouching

Digital Snapshot in Need of Retouching

The cheeky expression needs a warmer colour to offset the greenish-blue colour caste of the image. This greenish colour is quite common when fluorescent lights have been used or when there is insufficient light for a correct exposure.

The head has-been cropped slightly and would benefit from adjusting the photo composition and replacing the background

Background Removed from Digital Mobile Photo

The distracting background has been removed to start concentrating the the picture subject

Removing distracting backgrounds from mobile phone snapshots

Digital Photo Retouching

Once the background was removed it was time to start replacing the head-hair before completing the portrait

Warming Up a Cold Photo

We need to adjust the cold blue-green skin colour

Warming up skin tones in cold prints

Feeling Hot

Don't worry he's not overheating. this is blended to create a more natural looking skin tone and correct the blue caste

High Key white backgrounds are very popular at the moment and they aren't the only choice to create a modern stylish portrait

Choosing a New Photo Background

Start with a simple neutral background first

Warming up skin tones in cold prints

Its Easy To Focus On The Subject

The neutral background focuses attention in the right place but it doesn't add to the charm and personality of this little cheeky chappy.

Find A Background To Match The Subject Character

Plain and simple photo backdrops is a great rule of thumb to avoid distractions

Cheeky Mobile Phone Photo Transformation

Graffiti Writing - Me?

Don't be afraid to try different things to find the perfect-foreground background choice. Just experiment.

Have Your Mobile Phone Picture Masterpieces Transformed - 0191 2684473

If the image subject is interesting and you want it converted into a permanent print or perhaps even a wallpaper for your computer then we can help. Evrything is possible with a little imagination. Party guests can take pictures on their mobile phones and donate them to you to create a special occasion album.

Restoring Old Photographs

Expert Restoration of Photos

Pictures expertly restored. Intertwining an eye for detail with Restoration Science to bring sympathetic digital re-mastering. to family and important historical photographs.
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Mobile Phone Photography

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