Commercial Studio Quality Photography and Photo Retouching

Business Promotion can take many forms and it is important to have pictures that are professional and eye-catching.

Commercial Product Photography

Showroom Quality Car Photography

"Catalogue Websites" using standard product images can become boring and a huge turn-off when web visitors go to several sites and make price-quality-trust judgements.

Transform standard product images into something different to your competitors and also more memorable and identifiable.

Save a Fortune on Studio Costs

It's possible to take pictures in less than perfect situations and convert them into images that would cost thousands in studio and location hire charges to create.
The final photo is no less realistic.

High Quality Studio Photography Onsite or Location

The raw material for a great finished studio photo can be quite ordinary and literally off the high street.

Raw Images - Raw Material to Start Creating Commercial Images

Raw Images - Starting the Creative Process

It's hard to believe the final image of the car coming out of the sea in Hawaii started out as a low angle photo of a car parked on Double Yellow Lines in a side street with all sorts of problem background reflections to correct.

Blue Screen Studio - Removing The Distracting Background

Start by removing the unwanted background to isolate the main focus of the image

Preparing Commercial Photos for Business Promotion

Preparing Commercial Photos for Business Promotion

The background is removed but the car lacks Attitude and we still need to remove the annoying reflections of the shop, street light and yellow no-parking lines.

Car Photo Location Shots Without Hiring an Expensive Rig

Be prepared to experiment with background elements and create wide angle action photos without hiring an expensive photo rig to attach to your car. You'll find that many rig shots need photoshopping anyway to remove struts.

Commercial Photos With Attitude

Making an image just a little different can add humour just like this Devilish Red BMW.

Eye Catching Photo Twists Turns and Idea Generation for Development

Horny and Blue Digression

Sometimes it's worth going off topic to explore ideas to present to clients. It's a case of keeping it simple to show the idea and only develope it to completion if required.

Before we remove the reflections we need to pick the background.

Creating Photo Backdrops

Garnering images for picture development should be a daily commitment and will help save money on expensive location photos. Holidays, Visits to Commercial Premises, Parks, Towns; all provide photo opportunities and if you want to travel light choose a mobile phone with a high resolution camera and you'll always be equipped for a photo opportunity.

Eye Catching Photo Twists Turns and Idea Generation for Development

Fusion of Useful Images

The backdrop to the car emerging from the sea is a fusion of 2 photos to show the Islands-Sea and Volcanic Rock Beach. The Red line shows how they were overlayed before being seamlessly joined into one picture.

Emerging Technology

There is no limitation to the creative process. you just need to decide on a theme and purpose

Adaptable Photographic and Image Editing Services

Adapting Image Technology

Creative Carte Blanche or Highly Specific Image development. Providing there's a need, target, desire or purpose pictures can be created to fit.

Complete Service

Photography and Image Processing carried out in-house so we have complete control of the imaging process.

Eye Catching Photo Twists Turns and Idea Generation for Development

Adapting Image Technology

Creative Carte Blanche or Highly Specific Image development. Providing there's a need, target, desire or purpose pictures can be created to fit.

Commercial Product Photography with Great Value Digital Manipulation

Combining on-site opportunities to photograph your products then adapt them with digital image processing techniques

Still Cheap At Double-The-Price Photographic Services

We're here to help you create pictures and websites that assist your commercial success. We don't believe in charging a fortune by confusing you with jargon and taking a sharp intake of breath every time you ask a question.
We just want to provide a great value for money service.

Interested in Your Business

We're genuinely interested in what you have to say, what you want and understanding your objectives.
So, whatever type of product or service industry you're in, we can help you develop stylish website images, catalogue photos and classy pictures with a difference that helps them stand out from the rest. Call 0191 2684473 and find out more.

Giving Extra Options

There's always another option to try.

Making your website successful and attracting surfers is easier if you offer something a little bit different

Target Surfers by Giving Something Different

Flexibility is about providing On-Topic and Off-Topic Alternatives without charging for extras. After all, if you order Fish and Chips you don't want to pay extra for the salt and vinegar!

Restoring Old Photographs

Expert Restoration of Photos

Pictures expertly restored. Intertwining an eye for detail with Restoration Science to bring sympathetic digital re-mastering. to family and important historical photographs.
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Commercial Photography

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