Advanced Photo Restoration - Adding New Backgrounds and Colour to Old Photos

Color Photo Restoration Expert with the artistic skills needed to tastefully colorize old photographs.

Colour Photo Restoration - Adding Color to old photos

This unique colour picture was created using a 1920's Black and white photograph of the actress Peggy Shannon (Winona Salmon) and demonstrating the advanced photo restoration services available to preserve and transform old photographs while creating unique family photos that you will be proud to display.

Professional Portrait Photographs

Instead of using old family photographs; have your portrait professionally captured then transformed into a unique photograph that shows your personality in your favourite Art Style.

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Original Black and White Photograph of Holywood Actress Peggy Shannon

The original background to this Alfred Cheney Johnston photograph is quite simple but I believe the wall-mounted picture spoils the composition.
While it would be a relatively simple task to remove the distracting background element, I learned a little of the life story of this Not-Quite-Successful Hollywood Actress.

Peggy Shannon - Black and White Photograph for Restoration

Peggy Shannon was born Winon Sammon on January 10th 1910. She died 31 years later on May 11th 1941 of heart-failure and a liver-ailment probably caused by her excessive drinking. She was found by her cameraman husband; Albert G. Roberts.
unable to live without her, he shot himself 3 weeks later.

In order to create a fitting memorial photo for this beautiful yet ill-fated actress; I was inspired by the Story of character "Constance Bonacieux" from the "Three Musketeers"; Hand-Maiden to the Queen of France and also ill-fated lover of D'Artagnan; Her drink was poisoned by Lady de Winter.

Removing and Replacing Photo Backgrounds

1920's Theatre Backdrop1920's Theatre Set BackgroundBedroom Scene from The Three Musketeers

Photo Backgound Replacement with a Joseph Urban designed Theatre Set from a Contemporary 1920's Production of the Three Musketeers. The face has been lightened slightly, removing the dark shadows cloaking her face in the original photograph. The Background has been coloured slightly starting the colour balancing process.

Creating Photo-Realistic Colour for Black and White Photos

Pegggy Shannon - 1920's Theatre BackdropHollywood Actress against 1920's Theatre Set Ziegfeld Girl in Bedroom Scene

Creating Realistic Flesh Colour in Portraits is probably the most difficult part of restoring old portrait photographs due to the translucent reflective quality of skin and human perception capable of picking up on even a slight imbalance of skin tone and colour.

Restoring Photos yet Keeping a Contemporary Look and Feel

1920's Hollywood Beauty1920's Hollywood StarPeggy Shannon - 1920's Star

Balancing the Black and White to Color Transformation is the secret to successful photo colouring.
This process can be used to create unique modern portraits and original picture gifts or transform antique black and white photos into colour while still looking of the period.

Colouring Old Photos

Watercress Packers - Old Photo Colouring for The Watercress Company

Colouring Old Wedding Photos

Old Wedding Photo Colouring for A Golden Anniversary

Replacing Modern Photo Backgrounds

Bride In Car - Distracting Background Needs Removing Arrow Pointing Right Bride In Car - Removed Car In Background Arrow Pointing Right Bride In Car - New Background

Recapture a moment from the past and re-use your old snapshots and family photos. We can adapt your old photos to re-create a special occasion in an image you would like to frame and display by removing distracting backgrounds or montaging special photos.

Restoring Old Photographs

Expert Restoration of Photos

Pictures expertly restored. Intertwining an eye for detail with Restoration Science to bring sympathetic digital re-mastering. to family and important historical photographs.
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